Saturday, August 9, 2008

Such a Rich World to Look At

There's been plenty of eye candy obsessions in the past week, just no time to post. Did much photography of: the Oshkosh EAA air show last weekend, two cats who are finally getting along enough to be in the same frame, my gardens. And fall catalogs are arriving in abundance. I love fall and winter clothes. So this is daydream season, dreaming of unlimited disposable income and no responsibilities. This outfit would be my first purchase and it's not unreasonable. But about the bag, although over-priced bags are all the rage right now, I'd rather invest than pay for what's carrying my wallet just to show it off to the world (but, if it goes on sale or eBay, all bets off). From Nordstrom, the Francesco Biasia handbag:

Carry it with this jacket from J. Jill:

The print catalog shows a neat collar detail that the model is blocking with her hand in online photo. This is the worst place in the whole photo to put her hand. I don't understand why they chose this photo. Anyway. I'm more "winter" coloring than "autumn" color, although maybe the neckline dips low enough, this might work without making my face look terminally ill. But I would probably wear this with a cream shell and an interesting necklace or looooooooong and looped skinny scarf made from this fabric:

Weekends and Fridays, I would wear it with jeans like these at Anthropologie:

Monday-Thursday trouser suggestion from Anthropologie:

I like the detailing that could work on weekends too, so it's not a conservative wool trouser appropriate only for work.

Despite the fact that I own plenty of shoes to wear with this, and really don't need to pine away for more, a look is incomplete without shoes. Thus some Zappos surfing results in various ideas for shoes:

This last shoe idea is really cute. Oh man, surf-shopping so dangerous.
Enough playing for today ... must go do laundry with the clothes I already own ...
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