Friday, August 7, 2009

Struck With Sundial Obsession

Well doesn't time pass so fast. Been too busy for blogging. Still busy. But tonight any busy-ness was waylaid by trying to track down an armillary sundial for a new raised garden bed I'm building. Before I got the current issue of This Old House and saw the armillary sundial in it, I never knew these things existed. But now, life has changed. I must have one. Apparently, life just won't be the same without one of these on a pedestal:

I am attracted to objects that hint of travel, globes, time passing slowly. Maybe because that's the antithesis of my daily life: going to an office in the same spot on the planet and racing the clock all day. Now tonight I lost all track of time chasing a new object of wanderlust. My blog title is still appropriate. Some things don't change.

So where did these come from and what do you do with them? Here's a nice explanation. And a Naples, Florida publication has an upscale explanation with armillary sundial eye candy photos.

I love the looks of these because they're both a little different than the mass produced versions in Google Images:

Other people like these enough to steal them. Or they steal them to serve the one-of-a-kind purchase market for hungry people like me who want a piece of another place, another time.

Speaking of another place and another time ... I've gotta get back downstairs to doing some cleaning I was supposed to do earlier. But this was a nice journey. Time to share ideas here more often, too ...
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