Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Write Spot

There's a spot in our living room, behind a double-size dark brown leather chair from the now-defunct Retrospect (a former line from Room & Board) that is a perfect space for a small desk. This Palecek desk would mix fabulously with our travel-inspired home:

The "India Desk." Someone usually has a laptop with them while we're in the living room, and this would be a great space to park the laptop on a place other than a lap, and hang out with those sitting on the chairs or couches.

Unfortunately, a search shows Room & Board no longer carries our Retrospect sofa and chairs. Retrospect was a more traditional line at R&B that we loved and we furnished two rooms with pieces from it. The patterned fabrics were rich and uncommon -- we chose deep orange and red patterns in addition to brown and black leathers. The feet are cute -- I think I might have chosen our couches for their feet! Though now having two cats who are not declawed, but well-behaved, the leather was not the most practical choice. We copied how Retrospect showcased their furniture mixed with Asian pieces, due to our travels and collections of pieces made for us "cheap cheap cheap" in Asia. I most appreciated how the chairs arrived with overstuffed down, and now four years later the cushions have compressed to a normal cushion height. At least we know we won't get dreaded butt impressions on these cushions for quite awhile. Oh how I miss Retrospect.

My next post should showcase pieces from the living room that we love, not because they are objects acquired which would be really superficial, but because each has a story and reminds us of travels.

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