Sunday, August 22, 2010

Woo hoo hoo! Shoe hoo hoo. EDITED TO ADD: Aw poo poo

EDITED: Ain't happenin'. These shoes really are sold out. What I loved about them was the mix of leather and the canvas touches, plus the look of leather wrapping around the sole. Even similar KORS shoes with the leather wrapping around the sole are sold out. Oh well. Wish I knew how to make shoes.

Happy-happy-happy dance. I may soon have the shoes from this Stylin' polyvore in my hot little hands and on my hot little feet:

I've been watching them since, what, March? They're now on big discount because the summer season is nearly ovah. But there's just enough time remaining for me to do my own New Dress A Day transformation and accessorize it with these sandals. A month ago, I picked up a size 6 looooooong beige skirt (same color as the fabric in the photo above) at Macy's for $11. It was so cheap I felt guilty buying it.

Now there's a few problems though. The skirt is dowdy as heck. And I'm not exactly a size 6 for the time being. For the time being. Because been there, done that, ain't opposed to doin' the size 6 again. Ha. But for $11, we can overcome.

Positive points are, it has a fantastic flare and swing. And if I hike the waist up over my bust, the skirt actually fits! It skims over my waist and down the back and the flare and swing swirl just above my knees, very flatteringly all around. Wow. This dowdy skirt can easily become a cute dress. I need to fashion some shoulder straps and the skirt will need to be worn over a T or blouse. And I also need to add triangle shaped wedges at the waist, in spots that will now be the underarm points, to give the clearance for a bust. It's a full bust adjustment, actually.

I will post this New Dress A Day refashioning soon. With the fabulous shoes!

But don't count on any more posts like that. It will likely be the Only New Dress A Day.

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