Sunday, February 22, 2009

To Buy Or Sew?

An UPDATE on The Birth of A Knockoff post:

Those of us who sew can get really rankled when people assume you sew to save money. Like you are cheap. Not just somebody who wants a good value, but cheap. Well here's the news for you ... you don't always save money. In fact, sometimes sewing can cost more. Sometimes you sew for the challenge of it, the pleasure of it, the satisfaction of seeing the final outcome that was once just a mirage of a vision.

Creating knockoffs to look as much as possible like the original is a fantastic sewing challenge. I chose the Anthropologie Mauritius bag as a good late winter knockoff project, to finish by the time spring hits and I'm wearing a white tee with jeans, with the white and yellow bag for color:

It would be a good knockoff because no-how no-way would I pay $298 for a bag with such limited usage potential. But its current deep-discount price of $109.95? Should I benefit from today's retailer woes? Or proceed with the knockoff as planned? I have acquired:
-- the fabric
-- the Mary Jo Hiney Designs pattern
-- some of the metal pieces

I already have brown leather. I still need a yellow fabric to go under the outer fabric and fill in the eyelets with yellow. And, a lining fabric.

It would cost under $109.95 in materials, for sure. But what about the time factor?

What would you do?

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