Friday, October 30, 2009

Sew Excited About Britex

Britex will soon be moved from "Fabric Stores to Visit" to "Fabric Stores I Visited." Cannot be more excited. Hubby goes to Moscone for a conference, I go to Britex!

Saving pennies. Literally. I'm converting the change jar to green stuff and that will be the limit. I've indulged so much in so many places over the past few years, and the stash keeps growing. I've posted ideas here, but they sure have a heckuva long incubation period. You see not many follow-up posts about projects done.

But that's not stopping me from stashing up a bit more at Britex in:
17 days
431 hours
25,915 minutes
1,554,901 seconds

EDITED to add:
"Off to Britex...with no fixed plan" discussion on has advice for 1st timers. Satin Moon Fabrics nearby is another recommended stop. Fabrix for inexpensive fabrics. And, more tips for fabric shopping in San Francisco.

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