Monday, March 8, 2010

Scrappy Metal for Sewing

Need unique metal notions for your sewing projects?

Check out the scrapbook supply section of bigger hobby stores and online scrapbook shops. For metal pieces, Tim Holtz is a prolific producer of ideas -- look for the idea-ology line. I found these swivel clasps and trinket pins at Michaels yesterday, and plan to incorporate them somehow into a garment or accessories with "acceptable edge." My new favorite catch phrase so I can have some edge without going steampunky. Mix these with some snaps, grommets and rivets.

I've seen fasteners like these on sewing supply websites, but here is the same idea from the scrapbooking world, hitch fasteners. I don't know how durable these are, though, for something that would go through more use and wear than a scrapbook sitting on a shelf. Still, they are cute embellishments for a bag when you want metal, but don't want to get as dangerous-looking as spikes.

You could adapt label holders like these by attaching them with rivets on leather or strong reinforced fabric. Showing through the window, attach contrast fabric or even leather pieces stamped with words or symbols. From K&Co.

Here's another style from Making Memories:

These "word sticks" may make interesting zipper pulls:

7 gypsies hardware & embellishments are another scrapbook fave of mine.

The scrapbooking world has many supplies that could be incorporated into our sewing.

I'd start using the embellishments with handbags and belts, things that won't go through the washing machine. Obviously scrapbooks will not go through the rinse n' spin cycle, so I'd expect the supplies aren't washing machine-tested!

Watch for a handbag soon incorporating scrappy metals ...

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Lynneb said...

Good Call, Deb. I looked at the first few items and immediately thought of some kind of fringy necklace...or neckline.

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