Sunday, June 20, 2010

K-K-K-Kick It Up A 4" Notch

I saw these shoes, somewhere during blog surfing. I love these canvas wedge platform shoes. The shop's description tells you to "think LL Bean," but I'm not a fan of LL Bean. So I wish to "think" this:

Dress of Italian viscose knit fabric from Sawyerbrook

Vogue pattern

Bag from 6pm (really Zappos on deeper sale) with casual feel

Oh, this bracelet -- if money were no concern, I'd pile 5 of these Hermes babies on like very polished Ann D. But you could copy this look with heavy leather and some handbag fixtures.

Olive toenails to match the dress

This nice clean look is only a wish today though. Today, I'm doing heavy duty digging to move really good dirt to an area where I'm adding a raised bed. It's sweaty dirty work. But brings beautiful things!

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