Thursday, March 12, 2009

Master Bath Remodel: Before & After Snapshots

Our master bath remodel was finished in January 2008. A whole year later, I'm finally over the contractor trauma and ready to post.

Before. If you aren't using your tub and it consumes as much space as this one did -- on the diagonal this took as much space as many office cubes where people spend most of their waking hours! -- don't be afraid to get rid of it for good and replace it with a shower you use every day. We started our remodel planning during the resale craze but just didn't worry about resale. This was Seesa's last view of her very fun "playpen" where balls spin 'round and 'round like a record baby. Perfect for rolling around in catnip too. But because she was the only one who used this tub, this area was replaced with a shower (sorry Seesa).

Photoshop Mock Up. This was the mock up of the shower tile and fixtures. There are more mock ups of the walls and floor so I constructed a paper 3-D version for the crew.

After. This was before the glass installation. Variance in the lower tiles is not as annoying as it looks here.

After the glass installation.

Most important, what does Seesa think? I think she likes it. Catnip works just fine in here too:

Before. Somewhere there are photos of the yellow Corian and cherry countertop and cabinets and the agate stone faucet handles. How, um, lovely with the banana yellow tile and the mint green wallpaper. Well not anymore. I'll look for those pics but maybe should spare you.

Photoshop Mock Up. I highly recommend Photoshop to play with combinations of elements before a remodel, if you're designing it yourself. I found mirrors and sconces that I loved but when placed in the mock up they looked horrible. I tried many, many combinations of various sconces, faucets, mirrors, etc. I even experimented with what this looks like with tile on the wall. This was the final plan.


More posts to follow with more pics and all the details ...

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Bathroom Mirrors said...

I really like your bathroom remodel, I think the combination of colour looks great and the plunge bath and shower unit being seperate is a good idea in a bathroom of that size.

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