Saturday, June 20, 2009

Burda 7791: Leggings

In follow-up to the One Problem, Several Solutions post below, I got Burda 7791 to make leggings.

I realize the thought of adult women wearing leggings can be controversial. Usually I'm in agreement with the overall opinion on boards about "what to wear" and "what not to wear." On the leggings front, I disagree. Leggings worn under a short dress or long tunic won't expose anyone to the sight of your thigh texture. I think they look more slimming than capris under long tunics. Both capris and leggings that stop at the knee or calf can make anyone look stubby. Let's just face that -- if you're choosing to wear capris for casual style or because they're longer than shorts, you're choosing to look a little stubby. Finally, leggings are comfortable. This is an OK look for Saturday errands or lounging around the house. One point I debate is whether there is an age limit for wearing these. In public. Perhaps. It depends on what you wear with leggings. I could see beige leggings, a white linen safari style big-shirt cinched with a raffia/leather belt, and a big straw hat being a cool comfortable look for women of any age. Throw on gladiator sandals for trendiness this year.

I'm willing to invest time to sew these and take a photo to see if I really do look ridiculous. If so, I'll let the idea go!

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