Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Independent Style for Independence Day

I love-love this T-shirt from the Sundance catalog. But it's way showy feeling for my taste. I would lighten this T by bleaching. I'd like a very faded effect, like this has been worn and washed and worn and washed again and again since 1976. Maybe even rip it and repair it somewhere.

I would wear it with this silk skirt from Garnet Hill. I would dye the skirt. Haven't decided whether it would be dark navy or a deep magenta kind of color. Reddish, but not the same red as on the T-shirt. Slightly mismatched reds. But no, I would feel conspicuous in a red skirt so should dye it navy. I prefer dark bottoms. Actually scratch buying this thing, especially at Garnet Hill prices (sorry GH) -- Vogue Fabrics has crinkle silk on sale for under $4/yard!!! Sew it! And if you really want to get independent good ol' USA folksy style, add some stitching and applique like Alabama Chanin (and yes I realize this post advocating all these new purchases is not upcycling, not local, not sustainable, sorry, this is only fantasy here).

Then finish it off with these Frye boots from Garnet Hill. These boots need a darker skirt to work. So maybe deep navy it is.

If it's chilly at night, throw on a jean jacket, like this expensive but super-cool distressed jean jacket from Sundance:

How much more All-American can you get than that?

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