Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer of Love Top

So, this top from the blog screams "Summer of Love?" Really? I had no idea. I'm an 80s kid. Growing up in the 80s gave me the skills to spot Flashdance and Madonnawannabe. Summer of Love, I have no idea. But this top caught my eye because I'd been planning to sew a top exactly like this with New Look 6684:

Out of this very lightweight, nearly sheer fabric:

But how to wear it?? The blog answers that question with a variety of styling ideas that Polyvore members put together.

Parting shot, see my beautiful bluepoint baby:

She's such a poser. Every time I pointed the camera at her, she looked away. Every time I pulled the camera away, she looked back at me. She totally knew she was being photographed. She's a sly one. She's the kind of cat who peeks around a wall and watches you with only one eye.

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