Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OK, Maybe Not-So-Independent Style

Updating a previous post. I try not to be so imaginative as to copy an entire catalog look head-to-toe. But this time, I really don't care about lack of imagination. Why reinvent the wagon wheel.

Sundance T, it's here! I already have perfect dark dusty navy fabric and pattern to knock-off the skirt too (don't stashes come in handy). Project for this weekend when I'm back home. I also want to, carefully, bleach the T a little.

Liking Sundance's combo of beads and leather with pendant:

But can't justify the cost ($165 for beads & $110 for leather/pendant). The T is already an indulgence for just a T-shirt in these times. So, instead, Fire Mountain Gems has roundel beads of all colors for $3-$10 for 16" strand, leather, and a huge variety of silver pendants. There's even a simple chunky cross pendant that you can beat on with a hammer and run your car over it to make it look old. Ha. I'll probably go with a sterling silver prayer box pendant. Or maybe a horseshoe. And don't those of us who sew know where to find a closure similar to this:

Very likely to find a button like that in my stash too.

I remember wearing Frye boots to high school in the 1980s, a pair that my aunt gave me that she wore in the 70s. Heck knows where those are now. Maybe in a box in my parent's basement. During one of my many moves during and immediately after college, I left some things in a storage unit in one of the apartment complexes. There weren't many things in the unit. I remember a vacuum there. But there were some boxes along with the vacuum. I hope the Frye boots weren't there too. Because if not, there's always the hope they're in my parent's basement.
For this Fourth, we'll be walking around wine country (Finger Lakes Region and source of my fave, Riesling) and I like bare feet in the summertime. So, Frye sandals from Zappos ...

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