Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Sewing Library Addition

Many of the clothes aren't my style, but I'm interested in the techniques. While I don't quilt, I would like to make a very textured comforter cover, like these from Sundance catalog:

It's hard to see unless you zoom on the original photo here, but there are rows of hand-stitching. Similarly, this is a great way to use remnants without getting into quilting with smaller pieces:

Quilts like these are shown in the Sundance catalog with this bed I posted about previously. Ten months later, I still remember this and still so want it!

Our previous comforter cover was made of silk I found at Nalli in Chennai, India. After years of sun streaming through the windows on it, the silk shredded. I may repair those sections and disguise the repairs with Alabama Stitch techniques. And then on a future trip somewhere, buy yards of cotton for a new comforter, not silk ...

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