Friday, November 27, 2009

Haberman Happiness, Naturally

Happiness lives here.

Especially if you are thrilled by a large quality selection of natural fabrics. I never fail to find substantial wool knits here. Where is here? Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Each time I visit family in the Detroit suburbs, a Haberman visit is a must. You don't have to go to Detroit to indulge, though. A tiny selection of fabrics is on their website, and staff have told me that if you call or email with a good description of what you're looking for, they're happy to send swatches. With the Chicagoland traffic, it's probably faster for me to request swatches from Haberman than drive to and from any Vogue location!

Here are the stand-out things I always find at Haberman that just cannot be left behind ... cannot. I don't get that must have feeling at many other fabric stores.

-- Thick wool knits. With winter encroaching, it's time to sew up the substantial Haberman knit wools I've picked up over the years.

-- Down pillow forms -- an unbeatable selection of shapes and sizes. If you want triangle or cube shaped down pillow forms, in lots of sizes, visit their website. The pillow forms could be fun combined with the Marimekko fabrics on their site.

-- My sister has found fabulous faux furs at Haberman. On Thanksgiving, she showed me a black faux fur jacket she sewed with a Parisian theme lining, and she recently wore it to Paris! I will beg for photos to post here.

-- Silk, silk, silk ... so many silks.

-- Buttons & ribbons.

They have a great selection of home decor fabrics, although I'm over-saturated with those so tend to not buy. My sister once sewed a skirt out of two lightweight coordinated home dec fabrics from Haberman.

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