Sunday, November 22, 2009

Big Bucks @ Britex

Woo hoooooo! Britex has moved from "Fabric Stores to Visit" links to "Fabric Stores Visited." I could have spent Big Bucks at Britex, but in some ways, this San Francisco trip was a Bust.

Here's why:

  • I lost a London Fog coat, maybe on a SuperShuttle, but they didn't find it so who knows where it is.
  • Worse, I lost a credit card.
  • Someone stole our camera from our booth at the Dreamforce EXPO. Cameras are replaceable, photos are not. Sure would appreciate if they'd just anonymously mail the media card to us.


  • The walk from Moscone to Britex was a little chilly.
  • I was spendthrift due to using a debit card instead of credit card.
  • And waaaaaaaaah, no picture of fabulous fabrics now.

I did get a pic of the Britex building sign with my camera. I was so excited when I spotted the sign from down the sidewalk. Then I noticed a guy sitting in a van at the curb staring at me in his sideview mirror. What a creep, I thought. The next moment while taking a picture of the Britex building, I nearly backed up into a woman carrying an open coffee. OMG, so sorry!!! I hate when people do that to me. Now I'm one of those people. The guy in the van was watching for the whole catastrophe to happen, he said. What a creep.

At Britex, buying yards of fabric would have alerted my husband's Big Purchase Detector (I've already set off that alarm way too many times this year), so I focused on 3rd floor notions and 4th floor remnants. Let's just say, remnant prices at Britex are not like remnant prices at Vogue.

Shown above are some notions I got, not readily available in shops where I live:

  • 20" Riri zippers in silver and bronze -- I cannot find these specific ones anywhere online easily; they have a fine thin dressy zipper pull instead of the round sportier pull
  • really cool closures in antique bronze, silver and copper for handbags or innovative coat closures -- will bring a more expensive look to anything made with them
  • Dill buttons with slots to use ribbon instead of thread -- yay!!! been on the hunt for these for long time
  • LFNTextiles ribbon with vegetables for a fun apron, because we're vegetarian
  • 20" flexible ruler
  • Japanese silk buttonhole twist thread
  • Chaco chalk pens & refills
  • Iris super fine pins

Bought only two fabrics, both remnants:

Striped Burberry lining -- this will be a great lining with any ol' quality black or khaki jacket/coat fabric and make it look like Burberry, especially with the really cool closures from Britex.

A small piece of striped sage-gold-orange silk with embroidery accents in exact colors of our dining room rug. A 2010 planned project is to give the dining room a casual banquette feel with a wrap-around plush bench on two sides of the table, filled with pillows. What an excuse to sew, huh? This fabric is gloriously gorgeous, and should be at $89.99/yard! Needless to say, I got a small remnant. The pillow made from it will surely be in a corner where no one can drop blueberry waffles or tandoori tofu on it!

I had intended to today photograph & post pics of the Burda WOF copper jacket I made in October ... um, drat ... One of my pet peeves is losing things. I never lose things. I put much energy into making sure I never lose things. My husband loses things, so one of my jobs is to keep track of his stuff too. I am so bugged & bummed by losing the camera.

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