Saturday, November 7, 2009

Obsession for Vintage Patterns?

I've never caught the vintage bug. Even though the shapes from the 40s and 50s would look good on my hourglass shape. But I'm totally a "today's classics" gal.

I never caught the vintage bug ... until I found Modes Royale patterns! Good thing they cost more than I can justify paying right now (much cashflow going to a business start-up now, not as fun as sewing purchases). But all the power to those who do buy these patterns. I'm envious! Check out this jacket. I love the collar. I love that horizontal detail on the chest. On eBay, right now. And no I do not have a vested interest nor is this an endorsement of this seller, just an acknowledgement that this isn't my original photo. And if anyone wants this, here's how to get it!

There's even a glimpse of upper back/shoulder darts. I like the shaping those give. I recently bought a Talbots jacket with back shoulder darts. Love that detail.

I also must this weekend photograph the Burda WOF jacket posted about previously. How rude to post but not show it. And, sew a Vogue dress out of some very nice black Super 190 wool. Whoooo! But first, must finish two "work" things before sewing reward:
-- Prime and paint a few prominent peeled spots on the house while the temps are above 60 this weekend.
-- Write marketing materials about predictive analytics for sales. Helping the hubby. I may get a serger as compensation, how can you beat that!

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