Friday, April 16, 2010

Stunning Buttonholes


Can buttonholes be stunning? If you had asked me that question yesterday, I would have looked at you strangely. The "get a life" look.

Today, I have seen stunning buttonholes.

It's like you'd have to experience communication after death to believe it can exist. I have, and I do.

Now, I believe in stunning buttonholes.

Behold ...

Photo and tailoring prowess from

Beyond the superb detailed photography, check out the perfect raised handmade buttonholes. Do you want to know how to do them yourself? Watch the instruction video on the Made by Hand -- The Great Sartorial Debate blog. This post also shows a flatter and equally gorgeous buttonhole. Furthermore the video is classy, a cut above the typical bland voice narrating instructions. In fact there is no voice at all. It's much better without one and makes buttonhole work look enjoyable.

This totally inspired me to make buttonholes by hand on my next jacket or coat project. My work certainly won't be this beautiful, but I'm thankful for the video to see how to do it.

1 comment:

Lynneb said...

That is inspirational...thank you for the photo and I look down at my mediocre machine buttonholes that I'm wearing today.
Enjoy a lovely weekend!

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