Friday, April 9, 2010

Stylin' the Anna Sui Vogue 1177 Pattern

I have curtailed pattern acquisitions except for new releases that are truly different than patterns I already have. This pattern passes the test and will be acquired -- the Vogue 1177 Anna Sui dress. Which I would wear as a tunic with skinny pants.

From the looks of the photo, I would have completely bypassed this pattern. I do not like this print and the photo doesn't show the most interesting feature of the pattern -- the tuck, pleat and gathering details. Do you see them?


Oh, here they are!

So I would sew this in a solid color. Likely black. Because I think all this detail could make black interesting. And because I'm only 5' tall, all these tucks and gathers in anything but a tougher-looking color could look childish on me. I want to toughen this up. Here's how I'd try it out:

Fabric:  Black Bamboo Voile from Vogue Fabrics -- If it's lightweight and summery, it may work with all the gathers and tucks. Do I order online or make the drive to Evanston? Because the voile is likely sheer, I'd make the cami too.

Bangles:  Black Crystally Glittery Bangles at Bluefly and Tiger Resin Bangle at Bluefly all on one heavy, unbalanced, over-laden arm. Why not. The handbag will be on the other side.

Handbag: Black "Fringe" Bag at Bluefly -- I would never buy this despite the price but we're having fun here. Isn't that what Anna Sui clothes are all about. This looks like a style Luxirare might make and her blog has certainly influenced me to think a little tougher.

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