Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stylin' Series: Summer Sandal Season

The first public sighting of sandals on my feet this year occurred last Thursday when it was over 70 in Chicago. Had to do a quick rub-down of the heels with a pumice stone and rapid fresh coat of paint on the nails -- the feet weren't quite ready for public display -- but that's never stopped me from wearing sandals.

I love for my feet to be free. I love these Michael Kors sandals, and here's what I would sew to wear with them:

Michael Kors sandals at Nordstrom
Vogue 1088 Donna Karan dress pattern (The plainer fabric seems to need detail in this dress to make it interesting. But a question for you -- do you really think pockets like this will make people think hips are bigger? Am I way off base in thinking it's obvious any perceived size is due to the pockets? Isn't that better than thinking it's the hips?? This is why I don't understand Project Runway judges criticizing dresses with hip volume. Seems obvious to me that it's the dress, not the model. Or does this not hold true? What do you think? Just because I know what Michael Kors would say about this dress on Project Runway, I will insist on accessorizing it completely with his products.)
Tessuti Fabrics Edo Jam organic Japanese cotton
Michael Kors sunglasses at Nordstrom
Michael Kors shopper tote at Nordstrom (expensive, total dream time here, but the massive pocket on the dress requires a slim bag profile)
Michael Kors studded belt at Zappos

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