Saturday, November 15, 2008

Renewed Sundance Obsession

I just can't leave it alone. My heart beats with renewed vigor, to see the Sundance Alessandra boots on the website again. Per my original Sundance Obsession post, I am in love with these.

Size 6.5 is not listed as an option yet. But, progress ... progress ...

On the other hand, who am I kidding here. Unless these go on sale or some very kind -- and likely very familiar -- soul decides to gift me for Christmas, these will remain a virtual obsession. These don't feel like the economic times to invest in this price.

I can sometimes be ignorantly optimistic which allows the risk-taking times of my life that I've been proud of no matter how they turned out in the end. But the unmistakable signs all around call for restraint. Much restraint. Hopefully others will feel the same and the boots will go on deep discount. Sorry Sundance.

It is time to dive into the stash of fabrics and sew the things I need this winter rather than buy. Black pants, for one -- time to tackle pants fitting. Sorry Anthropologie. Sorry Nordstrom.

Should I really have been so elated to have scored perfect-fitting wool Lauren by Ralph Lauren pants for work at Macy's the other day, regular $129 but I got 'em for $32? Good for me, but was it good for the big picture? I'm so sorry Macy's, I know times have been tough, at least in Chicago, since you wiped Marshall Field's off the map. However it truly is reality time.

For now, the boots and coat swatches are posted on a feast-for-the-eyes storyboard in my sewing room. Ideas, ideas, ideas to strive for, that's what keeps my imagination going ...

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