Saturday, November 8, 2008

So Close

Took quick trip to a few upscale sites to find the elusive boot. Heart skipped a beat at first glance at this one at Neiman Marcus:

But without the wedge heel, it feels too literal a riding boot. I still like it, but at $595 it's not gonna happen even if it is 30% off right now.

And what do you know, EmmaOneSock today posted a new coating wool that would make a fab plaid coat. It would coordinate with more of the indoor clothes I'd wear underneath it too, because my wardrobe consists primarily of blacks, grays, browns and taupe with punches of red, green, blue, etc so it's not SO yawn-inducing. Yet this still feels like a safe choice. I do love the turquoise below. The EOS newsletter today included an invite to ask Linda if sold out fabrics can be special ordered. Do ya think? Should I tempt fate? After all, I have enough black and brown coats and jackets. Isn't it time for something more jazzy.

Meanwhile, here's the new option today:

The Coat+Boot fantasy lives on through the weekend ...

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