Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have You Disposed of Zippers in the Trash Lately?

My obsessions and inspirations run far and wide. I am both a cat person and a dog person. I love old stone farmhouses and I mourn never seeing Metropolitan Home again. A few days ago it was the silks and jewels of India. Today it is the metal and edge of zippers.

Everyone from Balmain to etsy shops find creative ways to use zippers ...

Discussed at Outsapop, Balmain zipper jacket:

Snails, oops I mean zippers, shown on Outsapop. The point of this is the power of exaggerated multiples:

And zippers as decorative trim rather than function:

High end zipper jewelry from etsy seller katecusack. This elegant cuff doesn't read as zippers at first glance. Also check out her blog for zipper eye candy. Who'd believe there could be "zipper eye candy?" Believe it. She creates it.

Oh my goodness. A shrug. Made entirely with zippers. From Sohung Designs. Wow wow wow. I could do this. And wear it over something frilly. You can apply the techniques shown here to line up zippers and make a similar shrug.

You need a zipper jar to store your notions, from etsy seller AmaliaVersaci:

What to do with all the zipper pulls from the above projects? A Valentine idea from AmaliaVersaci:

Also from AmaliaVersaci -- can you tell these are zipper pulls too?

This headband is a sweet style from etsy seller louandlee:

Is this made from zippers?

Yes. Yes it is, according to The Crafty Crow.

Going full circle to where this momentary visual obsession started, back to Outsapop, check out the Outsapop post about zipper jewelry at Etsy. She gathers the best of the best. I love everything there and would wind up copying the whole post here! Not cool. But the jewelry, so cool. Take a look.

There is no reason to ever dispose of a zipper in the trash again ...

Oh, and if you don't want your zippers as DIY project, I love unusual use of zippers like these Sergio Rossi boots at Zappos:

Get a similar effect for much less $$$ by wrapping your own zippers around boots, an idea shown at Outsapop:

Add interest to a simple knit top. What a great idea! This is also shown on Outsapop. To see all the zipper inspiration there, simply click on the "Zipper" topic.

Geez, I thought it was a wild idea (for me) to think about sewing nonfunctional gold RiRi zipper tape on the outside of the Simplicity Cynthia Rowley jacket, discussed in this post. After seeing all this, wild no more!


Vicki W said...

Very cool!

Jane M said...

What wonderful ideas in these pictures. Thanks!

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