Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quick, Pick Me Up!

So, no sew today. Tired. Recent workdays have been spent reading about neurobiology when my public health/injury prevention background is anything but that! Some of it has been a very fascinating trip, such as reading about the potential addictive qualities of texting, email, twittering, surfing sewing blogs, heh. It's been a lot of screen reading and my eyes are shot. I can barely focus to thread a needle. Unfortunately now I must sew lots and lots of ribbing lines for a project which entails threading twin needles! Oh forget it tonight.

My eyes need a break, a quick pick me up, something bold and easy to see. Such as this black and cream paisley floral knit from Gorgeous Fabrics, which I actually own and it's on the short list to sew. It's so soft and will make the most comfy long tunic. If you want it, run to Gorgeous Fabrics; it's on the Hot list in short supply now. Here's what I'd sew and wear with it:

  • Pattern: New Look 6731, view D cut a little longer to be short dress length.
  • Cream color coat from Nordstrom, which I'd never wear in real life, would get dirty too easily and it's pricey for something that would get damaged so obviously, so easily.
  • Verrrrrrrrrrry interesting boots from Zappos, which I'd also never wear in real life because DIRTY STUFF SPLASHES in midwestern cities in the winter. And for the price of these boots, no splashes! Not even a pencil dot speck of a splash! Other than that, they feel very severe, but I'm strangely attracted to them because I want to pull the zipper and see what's under there.
  • Black tights, from any ol' place, as long as the color is even and very opaque.
  • Handbag from, because the boots and coat will get splashed and dirty, might as well have an expensive handbag that will get splashed so it will all match. There is method to this madness.
  • Hat from, because mom always told me to wear a hat when it's cold out. You didn't think I'm completely impractical?
  • Vintage bone and shell bangles, from etsy seller badbabyvintage.

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