Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stylin' Series Tibetan & French Influence

When we were in Sikkim -- a land tucked between Nepal and Tibet -- last year, I saw many pieces like this Silver Prayer Wheel Pendant, available online from Garuda Trading. I love the antique carnelian beads at that site, but they are expensive and I'm not sure I should be taking such rare things from other lands anyway. So I would string this Silver Prayer Wheel Pendant with new carnelian beads from Fire Mountain Gems. And layer that necklace with the strung beads of the Mother of Pearl Mala from Garuda Trading.

And then sew a Chanel-style jacket to wear with the beads, where worlds and cultures can meet:

Light coral boucle from Fine Fabrics, sewn into Vogue 8369 Chanel-style jacket. Keep it simple with basic trim (maybe fringe) and no front closures.

Worn over a luxurious ruched silk habutai top from Bluefly. And basic brown trousers from Nordstrom.

Turquoise leather handbag from etsy seller morelle.

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