Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stylin' Series Desperately Searches for Spring

Winter just recently arrived full force, but I'm over it already. I mean, the gardening catalogs are coming now. It's time to plan for spring. And, this sunny totebag. And what I'd sew to wear with it.

Tote from Hayden Harnett which I'd never heard of  before, but glad I tripped on this site through blog surfing today. Edited to add: Keep eye on the price. This tote goes on and off sale, at different sale prices.

Silk fabric from Fabric Mart for a tank top to wear under jacket. Bubblegum4Breakfast used this silk as lining in a coat. It's beautiful!

Tank pattern is BurdaStyle Sadie.

Fabric for jacket is Relish Tweed from Sawyerbrook.

Jacket pattern is BurdaStyle Jorinde Jacket.

Pants from Anthropologie.

Refashioned boots from etsy seller. They are old Candie's boots cut out to make them into gladiators. I absolutely hated the gladiator look until recently. I guess they make you look at something long enough, it eventually grows on you. What more obvious consumer trend to make us buy short-term impractical stuff during a recession than design something that looks like nothing that people already have in their closets, so trend slaves will spend money to buy this ugly trend. I'm not a trend slave, so I'd never really buy these. I'm just exercising my style eyes on a Saturday afternoon. And my eyes are bored by plain old boots and plain old shoes. But I think I could live with these boots because they already existed and they're refashioned, and they'd only peek out from under the pants. Alas, they're not my size, so if they are your size, they're yours.

I like the idea of bringing these casual pieces together, some with loud elements, with a Ralph Lauren-ish tweedy jacket to tone it all down a bit and bring some contrast. Indeed Sawyerbrook says the tweed fabric is from Ralph Lauren. And because I love silk, I will wear silk mixed in a casual outfit. What's the problem with that. It's not like I'm sweating while playing basketball in this outfit or something like that.

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