Thursday, January 21, 2010

Score! Simplicity Cynthia Rowley for $1. Leaves $ for Hardware Closures.

At Joann a few days ago, I picked up two Amazing Fit pants patterns at the $1 Simplicity sale. I'm interested to examine differences between the slim, average and curvy patterns.

But I didn't even know about the new Cynthia Rowley jacket, Simplicity 2443. When will be the next $1 sale? So today I hoped hope-hope-hope it's still on sale when I swung by Joann after work. It was. But where it wasn't was in the drawer. Argh. So I need to go to Target anyway for shampoo, and there just happens to be another Joann near Target. That Joann is also a very old run-down looking store, so I hope it's less popular than the brand spanking new store. Think there's a higher probability there will be envelopes behind the 2443 tab? And indeed there was. Yay.

I will likely do a different front closure. But don't want to lose the funkiness. Just something that looks less messy. Ideas? Maybe a front placket with snaps like this:

 It's OK. It works, in a manual way. But it doesn't work. It loses uniqueness.

Maybe use this Dritz Magnetic Closure, with petersham or grosgrain to attach it in the seam? Attached with the ribbon, the metal pieces would be a little floppy when unfastened. But still a cleaner look than the original floppy ties.

A swivel clip closure? For something very different?

And if you're looking for swivel clasps, check out all the swivel clasp styles at Pacific Trimming. Who knew there were so many?

There's many other unique metal closures. I may go this route. I love metals and hardware.

A-HA! Here's what I want to use. I have a bunch of these in copper. I just couldn't find a picture of it online. I see this is called a surcingle. Never woulda guessed.

But if I got these in gold, I have gold RiRi zippers and I would consider replacing whatever that horizontal detail is on the front jacket with nonfunctional RiRi zippers, with the zipper tape exposed and topstitched on outside of the jacket. Just to add to the hardware angle. Actually the zippers would be functional, but wouldn't lead to anywhere except a view of the top under the jacket. Or the gold zipper tape and teeth could be stitched on without the pulls, with no purpose other than having some zipper teeth detail. Hmmmmmm ... this project may be elevated to priority status.

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Madeline said...

I just found this pattern in a discount bin and I'm going to try and produce it with tea dyed mattress ticking. I will be using the original loops, but making big chines buttons in place of the ribbons. If you have completed the pattern are there any tricky bits I should be aware of?

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