Sunday, January 24, 2010

Obsessed About India, the Richest Visual Inspiration

My husband is in India right now. How I wish I could be there too. I'm missing 2 weddings and 3 cities: Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. But a few weeks of vacation per year must be parceled out, and this late-breaking trip didn't fit. I've been to India 4 times now, and someday hope I can say there were 40 trips. 400 trips may be wishing too much, but it's not too much for me.

Some inspiration here. Some is Indian and some is more appropriately "Indian fusion" with other influences. Like the Indian-Chinese fusion restaurant we like to visit. Bring the best of both with fantastic result.

How about a corset with sari trim.
I love the shape of the corset.
Could wear it with a full gauzy layered skirt.

Here I like the undergarment with the square shapes.
I imagine it as a long summer skirt with T, belt and sandals.

This could be an evening gown at a dressy event, anywhere.

Here I like the subtle pattern and colors.
I'd like a summer sweater in these patterns and colors.
Or silk tunic over flowy beige pants.

I just love the whole of this. Proportions, everything.
It would be way overwhelming on my 5' frame though.
But it gives me an idea.
I love the swish of long silk skirts. Could belt them with scarf.

Another long over long but slimmer.
Love the color combo.

Salmon, lavender and beige.
Never would have thought of it.

I like the flared tunic over leggings.
Would never wear it myself but OK to see on others.

I am a sucker for paisley. Simple as that. Beautiful paisley.

Lest the above is too much of India, here is more Ritu Kumar on the runway shown at, very different style. Easily, details here could be incorporated into things we sew. Mix of fabrics, embroidery and zari, a hemline, layers:

I had the occasion once in Chennai to score a Ritu Kumar piece. But I did not bite. Next time, next time. After taking so liberally from this designer's site for our viewing pleasure, I should inform you, you can buy online. For example, the silk dress below is US$114. Oh, love ...

Check out the matching belt:

I love the mix of blue and browns. This could absolutely be worn anywhere in the U.S. without feeling a conspicuous out-of-place influence. Even to work, under a jacket or belted cardigan.

On trip #5, sometime not too far away, I will be a fierce huntress in India. Hunting for fabric. And I am hungry. Very very hungry. To find fabrics with the more subdued colors in the Ritu Kumar runway above, better for my very fair skin.

So I can create, and sew, with inspiration from India ...


Jane M said...

Wow, thank you for such a gorgeous fashion show, traditional and contemporary.

deb said...

Thank you! I was an enjoyable "journey" for me too. Now have the urge to sew something orange ...

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