Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can I Join the Trench Trend?

I commit here publicly to sewing a trench this summer. In time for transition weather in the fall. This blog makes me commit publicly so I follow through and do it. Deepika's PatternReview newsletter, which hit mailboxes today, links to trench coat reviews on PatternReview. So many others have done it, can I do it too?

I am in awe of the talents and patience of these women to sew such professional trenches. Think about it, just the steadiness of all the topstitching alone ... the buttonholes ...

Not to mention even before sewing, the fitting issues and having the knowledge of techniques to solve fitting problems.

I've learned so much from the pattern reviews, board posts and blogs of others who've shared online, that I'm confident the knowledge is in my brain. But having:

  • the steadiness of hand to sew straight near the edge during topstitching when it really counts
  • the patience to rip out seams when they're not right instead of forging ahead and living with a final result not up to par (I'm impatient and susceptible to that!)
  • the discipline to add the extra defining details despite the extra work
  • the bravery to do buttonholes and other potentially game-changing details at the very end of the process
  • the foresight to practice on scraps before sewing with new skills on the actual product ...

Beyond the technique and problem-solving knowledge, these are the qualities that sewing a trench would help me develop. So am I saying I do not have these qualities now? Sometimes I'm not sure. I do know my sewing would improve if I were more disciplined and focused and patient.

Plus I have that Burberry trench fabric -- solid on one side, striped on the other -- that so many others have used to sew trench coats. Mine is red -- a deep, gorgeous, eye-catching red. It shouldn't sit in the stash. I wanted it. I got it. Now I hope I can do it justice.

It occurs to me ... I'm not just committing to sewing a trench coat here. I am committing to real change, real growth. Does anyone else get this sense of awe and trepidation when you've chosen to do a project that you know will force you to change how you sew?

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