Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do You Ever Buy A Fabric Because Of The Name?

I've searched years for the right fabric to sew living room curtains, where we have four windows to cover. For now the previous owners' curtains still hang, which is OK, because while they don't "go" perfectly, they don't clash.

Our living room has things from India, Burma, Thailand, Japan & China, paired with dark brown leather sofas and antiquey paprika orange & gold chairs. Overall color scheme is dark chocolate brown - paprika - gold - celadon green -- the whole room was inspired by the very first pillow I sewed in 2001 or 2002, from an expensive India jacquard silk of which I could only afford one yard. After hand-sewing that thing for many days of life, I bought a sewing machine. And never looked back.

With eight panels hanging for the four windows, curtain fabric must be chosen carefully so it helps weave all this together as well as our big area rug does. (Area rug cheap-cheap-cheap from Home Decorators Collection -- other things purchased at bargain prices, some made-to-order, during travels to Asia.)

Today I saw this name -- Tamil Scotch -- for this fabric from House Fabric ...

Tempted mainly because of the name! My husband is from the Tamil Nadu state of India. The color could be OK, but the fabric is not quite right. It has a rustic linen look which is great for spring/summer. I don't like linen curtains for winter though. For winter I like smoother silks, velvets, etc. Just like with clothes, the linen must be put away after September. Unless, two sets of curtains are sewn ...

Has a name ever enticed you to buy a fabric? Sounds silly, but don't names add to the promise of what a fabric will become ... ?

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