Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today's Visual Wardrobe Obsession

I love-love-love these shoes at that Gigi wrote about in Behind the Seams. So, ordered them.

They have the strong style I prefer. Never got into the kitten heel trend, for example.

Hope they look good with this Armani linen fabric that I recently ordered from EOS:

*photo from EmmaOneSock site.

The linen plaid will likely be made into a shirtdress a la Vogue 8383:

Earlier yesterday I took a break from opening 2 weeks of vacation hold mail to peruse Burda WOF 5/09, which is full of plaids! Time to jump on the plaid bandwagon. While I wore flowery fabrics on vacation, I do prefer prints and styles that are more, um, masculine, I suppose.

And speaking of Burda WOF 5/09 -- got a sneak preview because I found it at a Frankfurt airport bookstore! This version is very different -- it's perfect-bound and reads more like a typical magazine (if I could read it in German, ha) with feature stories about thread, notion storage, undergarments, lipstick, and ... more accessory trend pages than the English version. It has a feature story showing some ideas from In addition to the plaid wide-brim hat in the English Burda WOF, it shows how to add strips of fabric to change the look of espadrilles. You can find directions in English at Burda WOF website to make these:

I also got a deja vu repeat view of Burda WOF 4/09 -- found a Turkish version in the Istanbul airport bookstore. My brain would explode if Burda WOF were ever in a U.S. airport bookstore! Surely that would be a sign of the end of the world as we know it. I've been through the Tokyo airport several times but don't remember Mrs. Stylebook or other pattern books like that there -- then again, I wasn't aware of the Japanese patterns at that time.

Anyway, the Turkish version has advertisements, and a few extra goodies like a small handbag made from a sequin-encrusted elephant applique cut from a vest. As I was passing through on the way to India, this was a great idea for using remnants of heavily embroidered ethnic fabrics in India. The Turkish version also shows how to make your own thong shoes, and how to cover an old hat with ribbon and fabric for a new look. This may all be on too. Haven't looked.

Also found in Istanbul, a smaller trend issue:

Thankfully the pattern pieces have English on them! Will post pics of some pages later.

Googling "Burda Pratik Dikis" pulls up blogs of some very talented seamstresses (sewists, sewers, whatever) in Turkey -- a fun Internet trip!

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