Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sewing Project: Plaid Shirtdress

Today's theme is "second guessing."

I had settled on Burda 7658. It will require redrafting the shoulder and adding a short sleeve. But here's Vogue 8028, complete with sleeve and, because I'm sewing with plaid, the necessary shaping through darts, not princess seams:

And of course there's the stash of 5 years of Burda World of Fashion patterns, which I've used to sew a grand total of "zero" wearable items, but many UFOs and some wadders. It's beyond time to make that investment worth its while. Mostly, I under-utilize Burda WOF because it's inconvenient to flip through all the magazines versus frantically rifling through my pattern drawers and throwing envelopes all over the place. I feel like I got a lot accomplished when I see envelopes spread all over the floor, like giant confetti. It looks like I'm really working. Really getting things done. I can stand there with hands on hips, pondering, thinking, liking, disliking, changing my mind ... moving fabrics around and pairing them with envelopes, like a huge storyboard spread all over the basement floor. Can't do that with the teensy-weensy Burda WOF line drawings.

Rather than making a mess that looks like a 3-year-old who sews lives here, I was inspired during today's blog readings by Cidell, who photocopied her Burda WOF line drawings and organized them in a binder. Always meant to do this, never have. It's time to do this!

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