Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not Second Guessing, It's Doing the Right Thing

On the home decor front today, I'm going to return the 24"x24" version of this print to Target, written about in Sunny Summery Sunroom. The sunroom wall is so large that this size would look insignificant. Yeah we all gotta pinch pennies today, but why spend a lesser amount on something that will be insignificant? Why spend at all, then? Who wants to buy insignificance? When looking at it that way, better to spend nothing at all, or wait for later. Bottom line, get the piece that will be right over the long haul. Cost Plus World Market has this in 36"x36". There's a Cost Plus World Market so close to us, I could walk there and get some exercise. Bonus!

My husband has another Rodney White print in his office:

I went for the biggest one. It's impactful and obvious as soon as you walk in the door. It has meaning for my husband. At the time we got it, he was in an energy-sapping job and wanting to fly more often. Flying is his hobby and love. He is alive when he flies. This print is a reminder to do what you love, even a little bit, as often as possible if not every day. And yes, he flies more often now and he is happier. He spends most of his waking hours in that office working on his business. But he can always glance up and be reminded to take a break on a clear blue sky day ... go out and fly ...

The It'll Cost Nothing to Dream print, hung in the sunroom and overlooking our backyard, will remind me of the gardening dreams that every spring and summer I put in place a little bit more. There's a grand vision in my dreams and bit by bit, weekend by weekend, year by year, we're getting there ...

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