Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Notes by the Hourglass

To follow-up on my X posts ... here are tips from real life, real women, real sewing for the hourglass figure at PatternReview.

Wish I'd consulted this discussion before sewing the current trend below. The dress wound up darted in the front and back so I don't look enormous and shapeless. Cut wide enough to clear the hips and falling over the chest of an hourglass shape, it stands too far from the body. But just skimming over an "I" shape, it could look fabulous.


Imogen Lamport said...

It's great that you've discovered that you need waisted garments to work for your shape - all that shapeless stuff just doesn't work on an X shape.

If you're thinking about sewing something that you've not tried before - it may be worthwhile going shopping and seeing if you can try on a garment that has similar shaping to see how it works for you before you spend all that time, effort and money making it.

deb said...

That's a great idea! Usually when shopping I try on only things I intend to buy. But taking new and very different things into the dressing room, just to test out different shapes, is a very good idea.

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