Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cute Sewing Carryall

Here's a weekend sewing project for you. See this French Country carryall basket from Pierre Deux. Which you can buy all complete for $98. Sewing accessories and fabric swatches not included. Now look around your house. See a wicker basket in a closet or in the basement. Don't we all have unused wicker baskets tucked away somewhere? Now see a colorful fabric from your stash. See a solid heavier upholstery fabric from your stash. (The Pierre Deux version has leather wraparound pockets on the outside -- if you are lacking some leather lying around the house, check out Leatherwise on eBay where you can get smaller affordable pieces of leather of any color.) See some rectangles cut out, and contrast topstitching applied. See your very own one-of-a-kind French Country sewing carryall!

1 comment:

Cisa said...

This would be super handy for when I do on-site fittings! Right now everything is crammed in a makeup bag. This is much more organized and about a million times more adorable. Wicker basket, here I come!

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