Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunny Summery Sunroom

Now that it's spring in Chicago, time to clean and spruce up the three-season sunroom overlooking our backyard. The cats have been in there since February because they are desperate creatures, but only now is it comfortable for human use. This human is desperate to bring some sunny color into the room. It's been decorated like the rest of our house with international flavor -- red sari border pillows, Afghan table runner and Thai accessories decorating the teak and bamboo furniture. But feels so serious. It's time to bring on the sunshine and make it a happy place.

I finally got this, which I've coveted since last year:

It's the 24" x 24" version on sale for $45 at Target. But may be too small for a very long solid wall. It could look like a speck. The 36" x 36" version at Z Gallerie would be more impactful but it's nearly $220 online. You could purchase just a canvas online, then stretch it on a 36" x 36" frame on top of a blank canvas, as we did with another Rodney White piece. But I don't feel like searching the mountains and seas for a 36" x 36" canvas and no, I don't want to assemble one myself or pay someone else to do it. It seems to cost a disproportionate amount of money to pay for canvas stretching and framing, and although in the past I've paid the average U.S. monthly mortgage payment to frame things, I'm not paying for this. No offense to the framing industry, I just don't understand why the material and labor cost.

So, the 24" x 24" will have to do, but must be supplemented with other pieces so it's not lost on the wall. But be careful, don't want "too many thingies" on the wall.

One option ... add to it another Rodney White print appropriate for overlooking a backyard where flower gardens will soon be in color:

This one is total 36" x 24" and $199 from NapaStyle. I love NapaStyle. Why oh why did you remove me from your mailing list? It's not my fault all the things I wanted to order from you for holiday decorating were sold out!

This frame from SecondLineFrames on etsy is made from wainscoting salvaged after Hurricane Katrina, and despite its sad beginnings, is perfect for a bright and happy countryish feel in a sunroom. Unfortunately it's one-of-a-kind and sold two days ago, same day I saw it, but SecondLineFrames has many more available:

I'll keep my eyes on this store for other frames in colors to go with the "Dream" print.

Another option is to find an old wood shelf at a flea market, paint it with several layers of colors, and sand and crackle and distress it to make it chippy, like numerous owners painted it different colors over many years. And place colorful clay pots from Tuscany and Provence on it. Also very appropriate for a sunroom overlooking gardens!


goodworks1 said...

I'd buy the 36x36 canvas, buy four 36" stretcher pieces that just push together at the corners and attach the canvas with a staple gun. (Why would you need a blank canvas behind it?) That should cost less than $80. even if you have to buy a staple gun.

And then I'd go for the ideas you mentioned in the last paragraph.

deb said...

You are right -- I would prefer one big thing instead of a bunch of little things on the wall. The right thing to do is go with a larger canvas. We do already have a staple gun, plenty of staples, and we even have the metal grabby-thingies to grasp and stretch canvas. So ... no excuse ... I should return the 24" and get the 36" that is the right size.

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