Monday, February 1, 2010

Avoiding Fuddy Duddy Final Product

Sometimes I'm not sure why I'm not happy with the final result my efforts. All I know is, it doesn't pass the "would I buy this off the rack?" test. I wonder if it were hanging on a retail rack, would I know why I flip past it. Surely when making things myself, I'm way too close to the project. Was the misfire a major miscalculation or just a sublety that could have easily gone one way or the other?

I think about this more now when beginning a project. Sometimes I feel really confident about a project that suddenly struck out of nowhere, and other times I overthink it and then think some more.

Once in awhile, I'm too afraid to push further than just looking at the folded fabric and thinking "I really should do something with that." This is one of those fabrics, currently at Fabric Mart but I purchased it at Gorgeous Fabrics:

In real life it's more cinnamon-y or nutmeg-y than this color. I like the texture and prominent horizontal pattern. But I've been afraid to commit with this one. It could easily turn out with all the flattery of a grocery bag. What factors make the difference between yuck and yay? I don't know, that's why I'm afraid to do much other than look at it.

But check out this Fabric Mart drawing as a suggestion for the fabric:

Well, I never woulda thought of this. I even know the button I would use, and exactly where it is on a rack in the store.

But there's another fear factor. Is this design and proportion right for me? My shape, my height? Would it look good with pants? How is this much different from a Marfy drawing? Everything looks stylish on Marfy drawings. Maybe not so stylish on me.

Gorgeous Fabrics suggests Loes Hinse's Cowl Top, but I foresee a big dowdiness factor with that one on me. Maybe adjust the pattern so it's shorter and curvier? That's what I mean, sometimes little snips here and there can make a difference in the outcome. But I want to be assured before cutting and sewing that the result would be a top I'd wear. Another suggestion is Kwik Sew 3360, which actually, lengthened significantly could be similar to the Fabric Mart drawing.

I am truly stuck.

To get unstuck, I'll Google "sweater coats" and analyze differences between what I like and don't like. I need an analytical approach to choosing a pattern. I know that's not fun and creative, but it could help lessen risk of a disappointing result.


spottedroo said...

Hmm. I remember seeing that fabric but also worrying if it would look dowdy. I'd go for a more fitted pattern. I'm finding that with chunkier fabrics you can/should work with a closer-fitting pattern. First because little bits of extra fabric look really bulky with a thick fabric, and second because the body of the fabric keeps the garment from being too clingy and revealing—sometimes a worry for me with closer-fitting patterns. So I'd pick something with princess seams. Just my two cents.

deb said...

That's a really interesting idea, thanks! I wonder if it could work as a princess seam jacket. A knit doesn't have to be a sweater. It could be a jacket if it's stabilized in the right places. Hmmmmm.

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