Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Stylin' Retreat from Winter

Many of us are surrounded by white snow. Got a workout tonight blasting through 8" with the snowblower down a long driveway, and when I thought I was done, there was already 1" gathered where I started. It was coming down fast. So now I present another form of white -- white summer clothes.

The previous post about the lust-worthy goods at Anita Pavani Fabrics got my mind whirring. What would I do with a  cutwork cotton fabric?

Well, I'd get this fringy cutwork cotton from Anita Pavani fabrics. Sew it with an underlining of plain white cotton voile or batiste.  I've purchased these from Gorgeous Fabrics in the past. I love the feel of two layers of light cottons in the summer.

Sew the fringy cutwork cotton into a simple tunic, like Vogue 8452 View A. I would have sewn a dress, but I'm not crazy about white dresses. White tunics are OK because they could be worn with a different color pant, skirt or short.

I'd wear it with:

-- white nappa leather sandals with some metal studs, at
-- this crazy bag. Is it ugly? Kind of. Kind of interesting though. My preferred tailored classics could make this white n' beige outfit really boring. This surely would wake it up.
-- sand color bell cropped pants. Even though Stacy and Clinton just eviscerated cropped pants on WNTW. Whatever. Not as bad as knee-length shorts.
-- earrings from Carla Caruso Jewelry.

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