Sunday, February 7, 2010

Be Mine, Dear Ribbon, Be Mine

If it were socially acceptable to celebrate Valentine's Day with a sewing item, my choice would be this ribbon:

Bestill-my-heart beauty.

Of course if 10 ribbons were laid before me, without knowing prices, I would fall for the most expensive. Why oh why. So this is the object of today's obsession. And it will remain that, a fleeting visual obsession, like a beautiful face glimpsed in a speeding train going the other way ... sigh ...

Check out this site, Anita Pavani Fabrics, for much more beautifulness in natural fabrics. Someday I will treat myself to something timed when the dollar is stronger; there are unique things here I've never seen anywhere else. Cutwork cotton? Could be interesting layered with cotton voile for a summery tunic. And oh my, a very pricey knitted cashmere with ribs if you wanted the most luxurious casual garment ever. But not a drop of sweat from Bikram yoga should touch that. You could replicate the look with twin needle stitches spaced wide apart on a lightweight knit. And, um, Stinging Nettle Fabric from Nepal? I suppose there is a purpose for all fibers. Personally I like the ring of "bamboo fabric" better, if someone were to ask what my garment is made of.

This is pretty linen/cotton towelling fabric, in my kitchen colors too:

I must go now, before I give in to temptation ...

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