Sunday, February 21, 2010

When You Get Acid On Your Jeans

You get holes.

Years ago my husband and I were fiddling with the big battery contraption for our Basement Watchdog system. Acid must have gotten on our jeans. It certainly wasn't an intentional effect, but suddenly we both had holes in our jeans.

My husband's jeans turned out pretty nice, the holes look kinda cool and frayed appropriately and they are in no danger of showing anything underneath that they shouldn't. My jeans weren't so fortunate. They've spent a few years buried in a dark closet pile. They were new on their maiden wearing and they are Elie Tahari jeans. Purchased on discount, but, still. Upsetting. Then I saw the jean patching post on Outsapop. I like these best, because they'd be perfect on a cold autumn day with a big cozy sweater or a T and a leather jacket:

I like the mix of patches on top and patches underneath. My ruined jeans are very dark wash, so browns and reds would look great on them. I have these colors stashed so this is an easy project. In fact I have already tried to patch the jeans with brown velvet applique but it looked bad, maybe because it was too neat, ironically. It just looked like some appliques got static-y and stuck on my pants and I hadn't wiped them off. Because the jeans in the photo are messy and frayed, they are very upfront about what they are. And that makes sense.

Look for a project follow-up post soon ...

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Melody said...

Now those are about as cool as it gets. You could sell those things! I might try and make me a pair too. I just got some really neat cowboy boots that would look fab with jeans like that.

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