Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First There Were Zippers, Now There Are Chains

... on my mind.

Outsapop turned me on to this idea over at Luxirare -- stitching seams with chains. In this case, with leather:

To see more pics, scroll down past the barbed wire teddy. Yes I said barbed wire teddy. It's not what you might think, but there is barbed wire effect.

As if stitching seams with chains is not an interesting enough idea, check out this eye-popping work of art at Luxirare, a chain jacket:

Believe, what is at the chain jacket link is astounding.

Clearly, I've been posting inspiration from works of others, rather than any creations of my own. Been tired. Seems like I have two full-time jobs -- 1.) my own full-time job which is meaningful particularly right now as I'm involved in seeing public health change happen that I never thought I'd have the chance to witness, and participate in so close to my job, in my career. So this is a special time and a treasured opportunity. 2.) Helping hubby with his business start-up. I enjoy exercising marketing skills with that because despite my commitment to public health, I do miss marketing. But overall, the total picture of keeping a foot in two professions every day for so many hours is very tiring.

I miss creating. It is as essential as water and air to me. I've tried to convince myself that creating tangible materials to support behavior change and advocacy in my "day" job is enough. Although it's meaningful and can be fulfilling, and there is creativity involved, it is not enough. I've tried to convince myself that designing print materials, lead nurturing email campaigns and websites for my husband's business is a creative enough endeavor. But it is not. Something is missing. Why must I create with my hands, like with sewing or scrapbooking or any of the other visual hobbies I've done? But why is typing on a keyboard and moving a mouse to produce a tangible visual result that takes creative thought, not enough? I really don't understand the difference other than the obvious, one involves a computer and the others do not. But beyond that, I'm lacking the insight.

Anyway hubby and I argue tonight over things that are related to this conflict I have, over wanting to contribute to help the business, but something in me is drying up and blowing away in the snowy winds if I'm not doing something "creative." But what is "creative" and why does one type of creativity fulfill me and another does not? Bottom line, there is thought that these hobbies and non-money-producing creative endeavors don't matter. Painful to hear.

I have thick dark brown leather and some vintage-style golden chains that could make an interesting bag, using the Luxirare seam stitching idea. But right now I'm reluctant to take the time to play with the idea. But one way or another, it's gotta come out ...

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