Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spongy, Springy, Holey, So Full of Goodness

No, that's not about fabric. Nor me for that matter. Geez, I hope I can't be described as spongy.

It's about ciabatta bread. I love ciabatta and how you can rip it and scoop up mouthfuls of velvety olive oil in the holes. Sometimes we shred raw garlic in the olive oil and eat until it burns our mouths. I never do this on worknights. If I stink the next day, I'd rather just be in the house. Sometimes we shred fresh basil from the garden and mix it in the olive oil. Sometimes we dab the bread in 40-year balsamic vinegar, alternating with olive oil. Who needs to wait for a heaven when you can have that right now. We'll try different oils, usually ordered from Zingerman's. But the thing that never changes is ciabatta. Always with ciabatta.

Tonight, for the first time, I make our own ciabatta with this recipe. I will add chunks of asiago cheese inside, and drizzle enough asiago on the top that it drips off the sides and puddles and burns slightly so it's crispy. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm.

Look at these loaves baked by others, posted on a ciabatta thread at The Fresh Loaf:

Hopefully my ciabatta will turn out like these. Full of holes. For scooping lots of good stuff.

It's rising right now. Hopefully a good photo will be posted before midnight.

Our bread, full of air pockets and asiago:

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