Saturday, February 6, 2010

iPhone Sewing Assistant

I'm now a happy owner of an iPhone. It was not an intentional acquisition. The phone was for my husband's business partner but long story short, things didn't work out. It's not about the partner, he's OK, the phone was a problem. So we got it, and I played with it. Resulting in rapid abandonment of my relatively new Samsung Instinct smartphone after falling for the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the iPhone. And all this, for someone who isn't a technology buff, and never got into cell phones despite having them because I need a phone number.

The iPhone just works for me. Like how?

We like wine so I am loving the Wine Enthusiast Wine Guide app which shows ratings for years as well as informing you whether a wine is in decline and undrinkable, drinkable right now, not yet at peak, at peak, etc. It caused us to run down to the wine rack and pull a bottle, a recent gift from a friend. According to the Wine Guide, it was unfortunately not drinkable anymore. Indeed, instead of vibrant, it seemed dull, like disease in a wine glass. The iPhone app was right. Yuck. This app will be useful to check in a store before buying bottles.

2010 is the Year of Better Spending Control, and the SpendingLite app (free) lets me quickly enter every expense immediately after spending, right down to buying gum in the vending machine at work. Somehow, I focus on writing better while chewing gum. Although I agree it's not the most professional look. Tracking expenses is a new habit and SpendingLite makes it easy to remember.

Of course I love the app and its zoomable runway shots!

And the and apps know my GPS location and allow an efficient peek into nearby homes for sale. I like to see photos and compare home amenities and current market price with my home. With today's home values, that's often painful like poking myself in the eye and I'm not sure why I keep doing it. At any rate, iPhone makes it much easier to do that.

Next time we need to tell a taxi driver in India who speaks Hindi and no English to stop honking so much or please slow down, I can look it up in Hindi. I even have a Turkish dictionary app (all free) because I'm currently obsessed with going to Istanbul. Somehow putting an app on the iPhone makes that trip feel a little closer even if it's all just a mirage. See how psychologically useful the iPhone is!!

With Fandango app, I can be cooking lunch and think, whoa what time is "Up In the Air" matinee at my local theater? How fast do I need to eat lunch? Grab the iPhone, look it up, and whew, no big hurry. There's time. It's fast because with GPS it immediately shows the closest theater first.

The eBay app lets me bid and try to score a great price on a dress form during work hours, without worrying about IT dept knowing that. (Believe me, I am not a fan of people doing personal internet surfing during work hours but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when a great auction expires at 1:30 pm on a weekday!)

I've already used the Convert Units app to convert something important that my husband and I were trying to figure out. Forget what now.

If the iPhone had a "Read My Mind" and "Remember Everything" app, I would just have to hook it directly to my brain with an IV. Maybe we'll be able to do that someday. Hope it happens before my memory keeps declining.

What about sewing apps?
Because my two feline sewing assistants, no matter how much I adore them, they have yet to prove their usefulness.

CoudreMODE posted about the Yardage Calc for iPhone & iTouch. Its icon is now on my phone. Very useful to compensate for my questionable math skills!

So what other iPhone sewing apps have you found truly useful?

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