Friday, February 19, 2010

That Loud Lucy's Fabric

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This LOUD and BIG knit from Lucy's Fabrics was popular a few years ago. I hopped on bandwagon for 2 yards. Boy is it bright. Garish, even nightmarish, I thought. No offense to those who've worn it. Keep reading, the joke is on me.

So, it wasn't "me" because I don't do color like this. It languished in the "sell or donate" pile.

This week signs appeared on walls at work. Something about "wear bright colors" on Friday. hmmmmm.

So I sewed this from Simplicity 4020 view A -- the big pieces show off the huge print -- as a joke. I'd wear it to work on a sort-of costume day but otherwise no way would I get caught in this.

Well. I got so many compliments. Whoa, people said it looked good with my coloring, and I looked like I was going out on a fun summer night. Yeah it's February in Chicago -- that was the point of a bright color day.

I've invested heavily in RTW wardrobe of coordinated solid browns, black, gray, red, blue, etc always put together appropriately. Appropriately risk-averse. And no one compliments those clothes. They certainly don't look fun.

So today was a surprise as big as this print.

You know what, this is fun to wear! I like it! I want to wear it again tomorrow and hope I don't run into anyone from work. I want to wear it all weekend. Who knew. Lesson learned today -- step outta your comfort zone!

It also pays off to pay for good quality fabrics. Despite needing to rip out three seams due to constructing too fast and making mistakes, the fabric did not stretch out. It showed no signs of the seam ripping.

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2 comments: said...

Ha ha! As someone who wears mostly black and earth tones, I can relate. Now you can find some more fun things in your stash to surprise your friends and co-workers!

deb said...

:) It is very fun and I need more fun knits now!

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