Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kwik Sew 3115 Tank in Wool Knit

... sewn as an under-jacket tank for work rather than athletic tank.

I plan to sew it from this mottled knit with olive tones to wear with an olive jacket that currently has limited layering options.

Why a tank? There's not enough yardage for even 3/4 sleeves and I don't like short sleeves on me. Plus sometimes short sleeves make unsightly lines under jacket sleeves if they don't fit tight enough. So I'd rather go sleeveless.

The knit is too sheer as it fails the "see the hiding Patrones test":

So it will be underlined with a beige mesh:

Much better. Less show-through. I don't want to double up the wool because it would be too thick.

One more decision before cutting. Either side of the knit could work. One side is soft looking. The other side clearly shows a unique knit pattern but has less soft feel. I'm not sure which side is the reverse. Any way to tell? Although if the reverse side is more effective, I don't mind showing it. I'm stuck on this decision. Here you can see half of each side of the fabric:

Somebody is impatient with the staring at the fabric and indecision. There is a meowing sewing assistant standing on my back while I lean over to snap the above pic, trying to hold the phone steady. However, she offers no opinion or feedback. But I like her company anyway. She does show me that this top may look good with pants the color of her fur, with the benefit of hiding her fur stuck on me. She has a good point and has earned a treat for today's sewing assistance.

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