Thursday, February 11, 2010

Underline Sheer Knits With Knit Mesh

A bathroom mirror shot. This iPhone so convenient, can pic & post without a computer. I'm wearing a Textile Studio Santa Monica tee sewn on the long side with a see-through knit. I believe knit is from EOS years ago. It's very unique fabric when seen up close. Looks like knit ribbon. But has wide space between each stitch, making it unwearable without something underneath. I don't like camisoles on me under sheers, too busy looking. So I underlined this with cream color knit mesh, which keeps it lightweight and makes it opaque.

Here's a hem shot showing mesh lining:

I hand-sewed neckline and all hems.

Should note, I had choice of brown or light mesh lining. The brown made everything murky. Cream color was needed to highlight and see the unique knit.

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