Saturday, February 13, 2010

Inspiration Anywhere

So I'm drinking Sat morn coffee and set the mug on a cheapie wicker stool from Target. That simple action led to some photo play. I love the chevron/herringbone texture of the stool. This image is modified in iPhone Photoshop app to look like a drawing. And to hide the low res of iPhone photos.

I was wishing it were a fabric. Well it could be! Experiment! Print your photos & designs on fabric. You can print any image on fabric. Make a collage of abstract images. See what happens. Design your own fabric and print it at Spoonflower.

YouTube video showing how to print on fabric.

Video showing how to print Photoshop photo onto fabric. This is a quilting demo but think about this for T-shirts, tote bags, etc.

A photo of the entire top of my stool could make an interesting tote bag fabric, with thick rope and leather handles. But I'm on my own today. My sewing assistants don't look prepared to help. Here's what they're doing right now:

"Leaning Kitty" like any adolescent guy, he's real proud of his hot rod car:

"Shelf Kitty" spends all winter in this spot where warm baseboards are running under her. Smart kitty:

Maybe Hot Rod Boy likes blog attention. As I post, he comes over next to me which he rarely does. I like his handsome attention too:

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