Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bronze Bracelet Knock-Off

I feel conflicted about doing knock-offs and posting them. Because I fully realize someone has an original artistic vision, and I do value paying more for originality than something mass-produced. I have and will pay. After this year's economy, things are priced much higher than I am willing and able to pay, though.

Exhibit A, this bracelet from the Sundance catalog.

I knew this bracelet would go perfect with a coppery fabric I sewed into a Burda WOF jacket to wear to a dinner event. And I like how it's not delicate-dressy, it's bold-dressy. So I knocked it off. But I feel funny posting a pic of my knock-off bracelet. Trust me, it's darn good and I feel bad about how that can be done.

To be honest, when you add the value of time to hunt down the materials, buy them from various vendors incurring multiple S&H costs, and the time to make the bracelet, the actual cost is way beyond just the materials expense. And, it surely would have been less expensive to buy the Sundance bracelet if I included the value of my time. Just to put things in real perspective. It's not overpriced. It's what we pay for uniqueness and quality materials and construction made in the USA.

Mine is made with Czech bronze fire-polished beads and pyrite nuggets from Fire Mountain Gems. Use these combos in different ways if you're inspired by this look. I like the play of the silver, gold and bronze here too. Or, this bracelet is on sale now ...

Or, think necklace. Here's a necklace with a similar look at Talbots although this is neat & orderly, where if you look carefully at the Sundance bracelet, the strands are strategically, purposefully twisted:

Hopefully I will next post the Burda WOF jacket that goes with this bracelet. My camera was stolen and I'm digging out an ancient digital camera from storage, as ancient as a digital camera can be ...

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