Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Sewing Holiday!

Review posts coming soon, when the pics come in. I had to take pics with my dad's camera because ours was stolen and we haven't replaced it yet. I'm actually not disappointed, because it took bad orange pictures in low light conditions. Any suggestions for a good low-light digital camera?

Sewn and gifted:
-- Hot Patterns Slinky Shrug, downloadable pattern -- My Review Post
-- Jalie 979 boy's/men's fleece pullover
-- Green Pepper Santiam Reversible Vest, men's
-- Simplicity 7229 Skirt

Because my mom, sister and I all are avid scrapbookers, I decorated the boxes with the vintage-style hanger above, which is a scrapbook accessory but I don't remember the manufacturer. Clipped to it were measuring tape scrapbook paper tags and button cards that coordinated with the gift colors. The boxes were also decorated with pretty scrapbook papers, and I used plain cardboard hatboxes and photograph storage boxes that my mom and sister can re-cover. And of course I used grosgrain ribbons to secure the gifts. Unfortunately I didn't get pics before everything was ripped open!

And this week is going to be a Happy Sewing Holiday, for real. I'm at the sewing machine instead of at the office all week. Yay!

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