Monday, December 14, 2009

Fine Fabrics Styled into Fabric/Pattern Inspiration

This herringbone from Fine Fabrics is not your usual herringbone. First of all, it's a knit. And the secondary color is a navy. You'd expect a brown, so I'm intrigued by the idea of navy running through this fabric.

I'd sew it into a lightweight vintage 70s style coat. The knit would be interesting to fashion into a coat, and would give some challenges to solving how to best line/underline/interface a knit. The coat would be comfortable with the stretch. Under the coat, I'd wear a navy outfit for the office with a few flashes of neutral colors in a silk scarf and a great bag. I've wanted for a long time a watch with strap that wraps and wraps around your wrist. Here I'd wear it over the navy sleeve.

I would love this coat in this fabric. I wouldn't want to take it off indoors!

Pattern: Vintage 1970's Simplicity wrap trench coat pattern – Simplicity 5190

Where to find other things:

Navy Theory pants at Nordstrom

Navy boots at Nordstrom

Tote at Bluefly

Earrings at Bluefly

Navy wrap top at Bluefly

Silk Gucci scarf at Bluefly

Burberry double strap watch. Found on Google images. Don't know where to buy. Don't need to even bother looking up where to buy.

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